The World Health Academy (WHA) is an organization representing the medical profession.

The WHA is a directing and coordinating organization in the field of medicine. The special mandate of the WHA, expressed in its Constitution, is to chart a successful course for health care delivery globally by articulating health guidelines and standards and helping nations address public health issues.
The WHA aims to provide leadership on health matters, form the health research agenda, articulate norms and standards, evince evidence-based policy options, and monitor and assess health trends. The activities and policies of the WHA reflect its global mission. With the assistance of the WHA, governments and constituent national medical associations can jointly tackle health problems and improve the welfare of their citizens. The International Medical Assembly is the legislative and policy-making authority of the WHA. The International Medical Assembly consists of elected representatives from every constituent national medical association. The WHA's work is supported by the Board of Trustees. Six regional councils focus on health matters of a localized nature. The WHA provides a forum for its members and constituent national medical associations to communicate, cooperate, and interact to achieve consensus on global health matters and to support the academic freedom needed for the medical sciences to flourish. The WHA and its constituent national medical associations work with many partners, including donors, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector. The WHA's people bring unparalleled aptitude, experience, and commitment to the field of medicine. The WHA has been highly successful in the encouragement of national medical associations. Today there are countless such constituent associations. WHA publications, including the lead journal International Journal of Medicine, seek to meet the needs of students, researchers, scientists, practitioners, and patients in different parts of the world.

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