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The WHA believes there is a global imperative to improve the health of the nations. Valuing the contributions of all associated with medicine, we believe physician leadership is critical to the successful evolution of health care in a patient-focused delivery system. There shall be three (3) categories of direct membership, namely: Fellowship, Membership, and Distinguished Fellowship. Members are entitled to use the post nominal letters FWHA (Fellow), MWHA (Member), or DFWHA (Distinguished Fellow), depending on their level of membership. Members can attend a wide range of free events on medical topics.



Fellowship is limited to persons with recognized medical degrees and medical students in educational programs provided by a college of medicine. Fellowship in the WHA is an honor and carries the responsibility to become involved in furthering the Academy's statutory mission.



Membership is limited to persons with recognized scientific qualifications, other than medical degrees, who are or have been associated with medicine, with basic sciences connected with medicine. This includes dentists who are members of their national dental society and pharmacists who are members of their national pharmaceutical society.


Distinguished Fellowship

Distinguished Fellowship is reserved for persons who have made seminal contributions to medicine. Candidates applying for Distinguished Membership must be Active Constituent or Active Direct Fellows in good standing, nominated in writing by one member and seconded by a minimum of three, maximum of four, other members. Distinguished Fellows shall be elected by the Board of Trustees.

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